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Course Objectives

The objectives of the NLP Diploma are:

  • To give you a stand-alone set of tools to apply to a coaching practice or life in general
  • To give you extra insights into the hidden meanings behind what people say
  • To enable you to facilitate change in a conversational way so that you can apply coaching skills to every
  • situation even with resistant clients - ideal for coaching teenagers or anyone who has been 'sent' for coaching
  • To give you a greater understanding about how people's minds affect their results

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The NLP Diploma will help you gain:

  • Excellent Communication & Rapport Skills
  • Discover what people are REALLY saying and understand the real meaning behind their words
  • Listening and Questioning Skills
  • Tune in to how people are talking to you
  • Forward-Moving Thinking
  • Remove the barriers that hold you back and boost your confidence
  • The Tools to Reach Your Full Potential
  • Change your thoughts about what is possible and make yourself think more productively about success
  • A Focused Approach to Life
  • Clear the clutter and turn challenges into success
  • Excellent Rapport & Confidence Building Skills
  • What makes people tick (including you)? Become more persuasive.
  • You can learn how to say 'no' and get the other person to say 'yes'!

19 things you will learn:

1. An introduction to NLP - how it started, how it is used and what it really means

2. Filters - how we filter the information we receive and how this affects how we communicate with others

3. Sensory acuity - how to notice and read accurately the non-verbal signals from another person -

a crucial skill within NLP and a highly effective way to improve your own communication style

4. Rapport skills - how to put others at ease and build trust - vital in any coaching relationship.

Learn body language, posture, facial expression, gestures and speech patterns and eye accessing cues

5. Creating your own motivating mission statement - see how this can strengthen your client's commitment

to their goals

6. The 10 keys to personal development - how to behave with integrity as a coach and as an individual

7. Feedback models - how to give feedback as a coach in the best way to help others develop and what to

do with feedback to help you develop to your best potential as a coach

8. Well-formed outcomes - "Is what you want, what you REALLY want?" How to understand what is really

important to you - it may not be what you think!

9. Understanding how you think - find out whether people are 'glass half-empty or glass half-full' people through

their language. Understand how people are different and what motivates people to take action

10. Tools for generating creativity - powerful methods to help you plan more effectively, hone your ideas and

use a completely different way of thinking to achieve success

11. Five key challenges to use with clients' limiting statements

12. The three words to be aware of that weaken your message

13. Three ways to use language to reframe things for your clients

14. Use language to really understand how people work, remove obstacles in communication, how to get

to the core of what someone is saying and meaning,

how to talk another person's language, rapport building and language patterns

15. Negotiation tools - show your clients how to reach agreement in any situation

16. Goals - quick tools to uncover why you want something and skills to break the largest goals into

manageable chunks

17. Action - a speedy way to uncover what stops people from taking action and what resources will help them

be more successful

18. How to restore your resources - for example, how to find extra confidence when you need it, maintain

emotional control and recollect events vividly

19. How to get in control of your time and manage yourself to be more productive

Who is this course for?

“I have been co-delivering workshops and doing interviews with Jim and had an amazing time during it. Jim has such a deep knowledge of the human behaviour and expertise on how to help people change it. Our interviews and workshops have mainly been around human mind as I am a neuroscientist and I was genuinely impressed with Jim's knowledge about the human brain and deep interest in this area. I have no doubt that with his profound understanding behaviour and the root causes of it and enormous experience in NLP, hypnotherapy and other techniques Jim can handle any case of changing human behaviour and pioneer new techniques of how to do it. I also believe Jim is a great researcher and can achieve lots in this area too. It is always a real joy and bunch of insight working with him so would highly recommend it to anyone!”

Gabija Toleikyte, Ph.D

"Having studied with Jimmy I went on to create my own successful coaching business. Jimmy has been a great mentor and support to me over the years and is always encouraging me to achieve more. Jimmy is extremely knowledgeable in his field and he is passionate and creating positive change in the world. I would highly recommend Jimmy."

Anne-Marie Mayers Clapp


  • employees looking to advance and develop their career
  • business coaches, consultants and trainers
  • business owners/entrepreneurs, senior managers and directors
  • sales professionals and business developers
  • HR and L&D professionals
  • sports coaches and athletes

Career path

This course is Certified by the International Association of NLP Coaches (IANLPC),

which means that you have gone through the correct channels to study NLP and that you have been trained to

the highest possible level.

On completion of the Course you will receive an NLP Diploma Certificate from NLP Centre of Excellence and and another from the IANLPC

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