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Transform your understanding of Hypnotherapy and how you too can develop your skills and become an outstanding hypnotherapist today.

Transform your understanding of Hypnotherapy and how you too can develop your skills and become an outstanding hypnotherapist today

In the duration of this course you will gain a new understanding of Hypnotherapy and learn how to use these skills to to produce deeper levels of trance than you have experienced before and to blow away any preconceived ideas about accessing the true and unlimited power of your Unconscious Mind.

Hypnosis is a highly valued skill that many people desire. Lots of business leaders want to improve their visualisation skills and find a place in their mind where they can control their own state with little or no effort at all. Hypnosis allows you to reach a focal point that is an incredible 10,000 times greater than waking consciousness. This allows for faster learning, faster mind-body access, and faster access to Higher Self consciousness.

Unlimited access for 12 months

Access anywhere, any time

Fast effective training, written and designed by industry experts

Track your progress with our Learning Management System

Unlimited support

Save money, time and travel costs

Learn at your own pace and leisure

Easier to retain knowledge and revise topics than traditional method.


What the course will teach you:

    • Master Individual and Group Skills
    • Learn the history of hypnosis from the Sleep Temples 2000+ years ago, to the work of Dr Franz Anton Mesmer and his Animal Magnetism and ‘mesmerism’ to modern day approaches and the application of hypnosis for healing and well being
    • Understand the 8 myths of hypnosis and why knowing them helps release your own and your clients full potential
    • Master presenting without anxiety
    • Achieve deep and rapid trance
    • Much more
    • Induce trance overtly and covertly with individuals and groups
    • Non-verbal trance inductions with individuals and groups
    • Experience deep levels of trust with your own Unconscious Mind
    • Proficiency in both Hypnotherapy Techniques and Deep Trance Phenomena
    • Safety precautions for Deep Trance Identification and Other Advanced Techniques
    • Master the different Hypnosis Styles and Inductions such as those of Milton H Erickson, George Estabrooks and Dave Elman
    • Teach the full spectrum from Indirect-Permissive to Direct Authoritarian
    • Experience Self Hypnosis
    • Stage Show Phenomena
    • Instant Rapid Induction
    • Hypnotic Exercise Design
    • Arm Catalepsy, Full Body Catalepsy
    • Amnesia, Analgesia and Anaesthesia
    • Hypnotic Hallucinations
    • Age Regression
    • Much More..

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