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Criminal Psychology: Module 06

Criminal Psychology, Mental Health & Victimology Diploma

by Empower UK Employment Training

Course overview

Criminal Psychology, Mental Health & Victimology Diploma

Excel in the field of forensic psychology with our Criminal Psychology, Mental Health & Victimology Diploma. Hone your Criminal Psychology acumen to understand criminal behavior. Elevate your career with this specialised Criminal Psychology training.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Differentiate types of crime using Criminal Psychology principles.
  • Analyse criminal behavior through the lens of Criminal Psychology.
  • Assess the impact of mental health on crime with Criminal Psychology insights.
  • Evaluate victim impact employing Criminal Psychology methodologies.
  • Navigate the criminal justice system using Criminal Psychology knowledge.

Key Employment Opportunities:

  • Criminal Lawyer: Yearly Salary - £55,242
  • Criminal investigator: Yearly Salary - £35,222
  • Psychologist: Yearly Salary - £39,654

More Benefits:

  • Assignment Feedback on Criminal Psychology
  • Free Digital Reed Certificate on Criminal Psychology, Mental Health & Victimology Diploma
  • Compatible with iPhone & Android Devices
  • Moneyback Guarantee

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