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How to become a Researcher

avg. starting salary

Enjoy looking for answers? Then look no further; put your natural curiosity to good use and become a Researcher… A Researcher collects information and studies data in their chosen field, which can be used to make informed political, social, and economic decisions. Potential specialisms for a Researcher to move into range from scientific research, such as helping to develop medical products by conducting scientific experiments, to social and even television research, which help inform the nation’s favourite TV shows. Although specific responsibilities vary dependant on industry, general tasks for a Researcher include:
  • Meeting and communicating with clients to discuss project plans
  • Using electronic databases to collect information
  • Spotting trends in data
  • Using statistical software to manage and organise material
  • Building research proposals and detailed reports
  • Presenting findings to the client or senior management

Regardless of the sector you’re involved in, a great amount of patience, not to mention a keen eye for detail, are absolutely essential attributes for a Researcher to have. Because of the analytical nature of the role, you must be methodical in the way you carry out tasks and be able to provide valid, proven evidence behind your theories. A good Researcher should also be:
  • Resourceful and creative
  • Persistent and self-confident
  • Proficient in maths and literacy
  • Able to take responsibility for their work and handle working under pressure
  • Passionate about the use of statistics


Research Assistant

Up to £25,000


Up to £35,000

Senior Researcher

Up to £50,000

"As a Scientific Researcher, my main role is to carry out various experiments, which give me a good opportunity to learn new things. Specialising in diseases and how they affect the brain, my job is to examine the damage and present my findings in a coherent format. Although the job can be full-on at times, when you’re really dedicated to an experiment you find yourself looking forward to the outcome, and at that point, all of your hard work becomes worthwhile. It’s also pretty cool to be able to tell people that you’re basically a Scientist."

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