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What we do

Places and spaces are more than land or bricks and mortar. They’re where people create new ideas, build memories and plan futures.
It could be a sustainable office that sparks creativity or a home that gives a family room to grow.
A development focused on the needs of the local community or a rural estate consciously managed for biodiversity.
Whether you’re a global corporate, developer, investor or family, our goal is simple:

Helping people thrive through places and spaces


Helping people thrive through places and spaces

What you'll get

  • Deals & discountsDiscount scheme including popular retailers and leisure discounts
  • FinancialCompetitive salary and bonus
  • FinancialCompetitive pension scheme
  • Equality & diversityvery competitive family and flexibility benefits

Who you'll work with

The suite of services we offer include procurement and contract management, facilities management, provision and support services, in-house security and cleaning services, and provision of a 24-hour helpdesk and support.

The support centre is operated by directly-employed staff, who can give clients a personal service by having the site knowledge and information to hand.

Our service is bespoke, ensuring a professional response to all clients and occupiers, whether it’s an enquiry or an operational issue.

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