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What we do

iBSC is a global recruitment agency which provides a quick and efficient recruitment service for clients and IT candidates by matching them to job vacancies. They have 30 years experience in IT recruitment. The consultants within the agency are skilled at their role and have connections with large employers, who they have been working with for years. This benefits the candidate as they gain an availability to jobs.

The consultants guide candidates on their process of securing a job. They begin by matching their skills to a job role. When this is complete, they send through their CV and secure them an interview, whthey help them prepare for. They ensure everything is in place, and every stage has been completed, in order for the candidate to begin their new job.

To provide an IT recruitment service to clients as well as IT candidates who are searching for a job.

What you'll get

  • Company cultureInformal dress code and flexible working hours.
  • Equality & diversityDiverse workforce and providing a job opportunity to anyone.

Who you'll work with

We work with large blue chip organisations and government bodies. 

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