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What we do

Hertfordshire County Council - working for you

The County Council is the only council with responsibility for services across the whole of the county. It works with central government and other local organisations to help improve and deliver a range of local services to more than a million people, who live, work and travel in the county. Services such as local schools, libraries, support for elderly and vulnerable people and the roads and pavements are all provided by the county council.

But it's not just about services, the council is run by elected politicians. Like the Members of Parliament at Westminster, local councillors are voted in by residents to act on their behalf. Subject to legislation enacted by Parliament, local councillors take the decisions on where money will be spent, what council taxes will be charged and how local services will be developed.

Hertfordshire - County of Opportunity

What you'll get

  • Flexible workingFlexible working arrangements (depending on role)
  • Learning & developmentWide range of training courses available via iLearn
  • Deals & discountsShopping discounts via Herts Rewards
  • Career progressionExcellent career development
  • FinancialExcellent pension scheme with employer contributions
  • Health & well-beingSupport groups & wellbeing schemes
  • Holiday & travelGreat holiday entitlement

Who you'll work with

Diversity and Inclusion

Hertfordshire County Council is committed to making inclusion part of our DNA, both as a large employer of people and as a provider and commissioner of services.

We strive to positively promote diversity and inclusion across the delivery of services and within our workforce. We want everyone at work, regardless of their background, identity or circumstances to have a sense of belonging to the organisation. We want all employees to feel valued, accepted and supported to succeed at work and reach their full potential.


Our Values

The Values are an important part of the Council for the Future transformation programme. Each employee has an important part to play in delivering the council's objectives and the values provide a reference point to ensure that, although each employee has different work responsibilities, everyone is working with a common purpose.

We RISE to the challenge

  • We improve Residents’ lives - We put our residents at the heart of all we do.
  • We work with Integrity - We say what we do, and we do what we say.
  • We act Sustainably - We consider the impact of our actions on future generations.
  • We champion Equality and fairness - We are all equal and treat everyone fairly.


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