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What we do

Tech Mahindra represents the connected world, offering innovative and customer-centric information technology experiences, enabling Enterprises, Associates and the Society to Rise™.

We are a USD 4.9 billion company with 131,500+ professionals across 90 countries, helping 946 global customers including Fortune 500 companies.

Our convergent, digital, design experiences, innovation platforms and reusable assets connect across a number of technologies to deliver tangible business value and experiences to our stakeholders.

Tech Mahindra is the highest ranked Non-U.S. company in the Forbes Global Digital 100 list (2018) and in the Forbes Fab 50 companies in Asia (2018).

The Mahindra Group is a USD 21 billion federation of companies that enables people to rise through innovative mobility solutions, driving rural prosperity, enhancing urban living, nurturing new businesses and fostering communities. It enjoys a leadership position in utility vehicles, information technology, financial services and vacation ownership in India and is the world’s largest tractor company, by volume. It also enjoys a strong presence in agribusiness, aerospace, commercial vehicles, components, defense, logistics, real estate, renewable energy, speedboats and steel, amongst other businesses. Headquartered in India, Mahindra employs over 200,000 people across 100 countries.


What you'll get

  • Corporate social responsibilityEnable employees to volunteer for social and environmental causes.
  • Equality & diversityWe celebrate every individual by fostering an environment of inclusion
  • Learning & developmentWe nurture talent and enable people to Rise.
  • Company cultureEmployee volunteering for social and environmental causes.
  • Working hoursFlexible and working from home hours

Who you'll work with

Take care of your people, and they will take care of you’ – a mantra we follow with uncompromising conviction. By supporting the ambitions and passions of our people, and encouraging them to give back to the community, we foster holistic growth for every individual. We create the time and space for learning, personal growth and new experiences. A place where people’s ideas, skills and feats are valued. A place where people are treated with dignity and respect.

RISE is not just an idea. It is our driving purpose and a sentiment that runs across our business groups, striving together to bring about a change.

Rejuvenating The Planet

We Pledge To #CutTheCrap Through Our Waste Management Initiatives
With over 2.01 billion tonnes of plastic & other solid waste being generated by humans across the world every year, the need to protect our planet through sustainable waste management practices has never been more dire.

The Mahindra Group has a long-term commitment towards the preservation and improvement of the environment. Even within the scope of waste management, we have made significant progress. We own 11 facilities that are Zero-Waste-to-Landfill certified (by Intertek). We have recycled, reused & composted over 140,000 tonnes of waste in 2018 alone. And our offices across the world are steadily turning plastic-free.

In this way, our efforts towards waste management enable us to #CutTheCrap.

Diversity & Inclusion

The Women Leaders Programme (WLP) is an 18-month developmental journey for women in middle management. The programme aims to create a pipeline of female leaders and change agents for the Mahindra Group.

Ethics & Governance

Since our inception, we have stood for many things that money can’t buy, the most essential being: reputation – a product of decades of ethical practices and good governance. Over the years, we have institutionalised the highest benchmarks of corporate working and behaviour in our processes, and addressed all governance issues transparently and effectively. Although we have had to constantly evolve ourselves to survive in a competitive economy, there are values – intrinsic to our corporate culture – that we have preserved and will carry forward with us into our future.

Rise For Good

We believe that ‘doing good’ goes beyond philanthropy and CSR. It is more than just random acts of kindness. ‘Doing good’ is a purpose, an attitude, and a way of life. A guide for conducting business. And ourselves.

As a global federation of companies, we, the Mahindra Group, see an incredible opportunity to drive positive change in the lives of our stakeholders. Whether it is serving the needs of our customers. Or, taking care of the dreams and passions of our people. Or, helping to build the communities we are a part of. Or, adhering to the laws of the land. Or, nurturing the planet.

In everything we do, we Rise for Good.

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