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What we do

Like all great ideas, the solution is often born from one of those ‘light bulb moments’.

The GetOnSite system was created in 2015 after Sarah (our Founder) was listening to her husband at dinner one evening as he was describing the day he’d endured on site. He was describing how many hours he’d spent sitting through largely ineffective and time consuming ‘health & safety briefings, the length of time he had to queue for and the amount of paperwork he had to complete before he could begin work….

That was Sarah’s light bulb moment! “There must be a better way!” (a phrase Sarah often says)…let’s find it!”

And that’s how GetOnSite began. Fast-forward to 2019 and our team today consists of experts in system development and with over 30 years of combined experience within the health and safety industry.

It’s our guarantee that the GetOnSite system will streamline your site induction process saving you time and money whilst ensuring compliance.