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Ecovision Asset Management have extensive experience in the management and construction of rooftop solar pv ranging from domestic to commercial and industrial sites. We currently provide O&M and Asset Management services for 14,000 Solar PV installations across England, Wales and Scotland. Our clients include institutional infrastructure investors, Global solar developers, private equity managers, specialist investment funds, renewable energy suppliers, councils and housing associations. In addition we have consulted on a number of successful ventures, including assisting with the sale and purchase of asset portfolios.

Since inception in 2013 our platform has been constantly evolving to improve the management of rooftop Solar PV installations. Available as a stand alone license or as part of our Operations and Maintenance and/or Asset Management service package(s) our unique cloud-based platform, Ecovision Asset Management System (EAMS) continuously monitors Solar PV assets, providing key management data. We can monitor sites every 30 minutes and raise alarms for generation, communication and underperformance faults.

Consistent with our operating heuristic of constant improvement we now integrate observed irradiation data into our monitoring platform in a way that is meaningful and reflects a sites installed components and attributes. This allows us to have accurate data on what a site should have produced based on measured irradiation and quickly react to site specific underperformance. This ensures minimum periods where sites are not performing optimally thus maximising generation and associated revenues for our clients.