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BuyAssociation is an international property investment consultancy specialising in identifying emerging markets and opportunities. Providing our investor community exclusive access to investments and stock before they go to market.

With over a decade of market knowledge and experience. An award-winning team of property consultants based in offices in the UK, Europe and Asia. Working with first-class developers to bring exceptional projects to the market. All our deals are direct, no handling fees, service charges, or ‘investment club’ membership fees.

Our unique position within the market has developed into us having an unrivalled knowledge of the UK market, in particular, and the organisations and people within the property industry residential, HMO, commercial and retail. Allowing us to cherry pick the ‘best in class’ developers within all asset classes. With opportunities from £50,000 up to around £200million. Working with clients ranging from the first time investor to large funds and seasoned landlords.

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