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What we do


Uniserve is the UK’s largest privately-owned logistics and global trade management provider. We are also the fastest growing (it’s official). Our success comes from delivering for our customers, every day. We seamlessly blend ocean freight, air freight and road freight services with intelligent warehousing, distribution and supply chain solutions. We deliver value, expertise and reliability to you every day.

Founded in 1984, through a relentless focus to deliver value to customers, Uniserve has become synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation, all delivered at the lowest possible cost. This, allied with continuous investment, has allowed Uniserve to grow and become the UK’s largest privately owned logistics and global trade management provider. Uniserve is a diverse business, driven by a desire to add value to our core market; namely UK retail supply chains. The business has grown to encompass various complimentary services, all through the recognition of the value we add through our understanding of the demands of industry. Today the company employs over 500 people in the UK, and many more around the globe. Our commitment to continuous improvement is not just aimed towards our own staff, but also towards our profession as a whole.

To be a recognised leader, by continuing to develop innovative and proven operations and services in logistics and global supply management.

What you'll get

  • Career progressionFlexible Career Pathway with tailored L&D
  • FinancialLife Assurance
  • FinancialInterest Free Company Loan (up to £1000 after 12 months service)
  • FinancialCompetitive Pay and Annual Salary Reviews.
  • Health & well-beingFlu jabs annually on site or vouchers.

Who you'll work with

  • Uniserve are the UK’s largest independent Global Logistics, Trade Management and Technology Group.
  • £1.3bn turnover - financially stable with £5m credit rating - Asset Rich with zero gearing.
  • A hard working and honest team of experienced professionals, the best in the industry.
  • Key focus on career development, succession planning, and robust trainee and graduate schemes.
  • We have built our business on imagination, initiative, energy, discipline, experience, knowledge, and passion.
  • We hold an Entrepreneurial’ spirit: Entrepreneurs use their imagination and expertise to create business for themselves, assuming all of the risks for all of the rewards. Entrepreneurs, however, also use their ingenuity, but with shared risk to create a shared reward for their organisation.
  • We invest in Insights discovery to get a very clear understanding of how best to communicate between each other ensuring we are all aligned.