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What we do

At Tiro we celebrate people who see the world differently. In fact, in a science or technology job, it’s practically a prerequisite.

We're an apprenticeship training provider. So we match fearless scientists and obsessive techies with ambitious employers. Ones who value their apprentices and care about career development.

We’re looking for people who LOVE all things Science or Tech. We’re looking for those who are driven and determined to get what they want.

To be a Tiro apprentice, you’ll need to show you can be thorough, obsessive and have strong attention to detail and observational skills. You’ll have a naturally enquiring mind and be digitally savvy. We’re looking for people who are fearless. You’ll be brave enough to be yourself, with enough self-confidence to be able to speak up when you see inconsistencies in data.

To succeed in our apprenticeships, you’ll need bags of enthusiasm, be a fantastic collaborator and be hungry to learn!

We change lives through science and technology apprenticeships

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