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Passion is what drives Signet Resources, coupled with a burning ambition to have a brand name that is synonymous with quality and ethical recruitment. We strive daily to change the stereotypes that are associated with the recruitment sector, we feel that our approach to resourcing with clear integrity is what firmly sets us apart from the crowd. We specialise in permanent and temporary recruitment in the following markets:

Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Administration, and Commercial Support.

Signet Resources provide bespoke recruitment solutions to organisations across the UK with a focus on the South East region. We are a growing business that constantly assesses how we approach the market to ensure we are delivering the best possible service.

The recruitment industry does not have a glamorous reputation, we work exceptionally hard to challenge the norm and give every business and candidate we work with an efficient, positive and rewarding experience.

Over the last decade we have embraced new technologies, adapted our interview style to make it even more vigorous and we have supported businesses through redundancy processes, relocation and expansion.

We have placed more than 1500 people into their new careers and we now enjoy working with past candidates as our current clients.

In the last twelve months we are exceptionally proud of the fact that we have placed over 90% of the roles that we have had exclusively. For us, this is concrete evidence that our recruitment strategy works and our commitment to resource with integrity guarantees long term placements for the businesses we work with.

We are focused on building long term relationships as proven by the fact over 97% of our placements last year successfully completed probation in their new role. We don't want to make short term placements. Our vision is to identify future leaders for the companies we work with. The ideal is to secure a role for a candidate and then to help them build a team later down the line. We have built our reputation on identifying talent that is right for the business long term as well as the current job opportunity.

Our core areas of permanent and interim recruitment include:

  • HR & Training
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Commercial Operations
  • Administration & Support

Our process is to work on the role exclusively, then search under every rock, inside every social media platform, and we still utilise traditional resources. We don't stop working until we are confident that we have looked in every possible place for the best talent for the business we are partnering with.

We don't rely on active jobseekers, we recognise the importance of speaking to passive candidates who are an ideal fit for the roles we are recruiting for.

Each candidate working with us undergoes a three stage behavioural and competency interview process that ensures the candidates we introduce are right for the business long and short term and share the same values.

This way we have delighted candidates and contented clients.

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