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  • Company size 5–9 employees
  • Sector Recruitment Consultancy
  • Location London, United Kingdom

What we do

Sales Talent is the trusted go-to resource if you are looking for a career in sales or if you are an employer wanting to grow or train your sales team.

Sales Talent helps companies across many sectors from property and finance, to media and technology find the best sales people and train them. We have helped some great clients like Moneycorp, Akzo Nobel, ITN, UBM and Nuffield Health to recruit, train and retain their sales teams. Did you know we also help non-salespeople in how to use sales skills in other roles?

All of us here at Sales Talent are committed to solving one of the sales world’s biggest problems – how to attract more people to sales jobs – with our nationwide skills programme, Let’s get Britain selling!© . Once you have the right people, our training in telesales, sales, and presentation skills gives you and them the best chance of success.

So, if you are an employer or if you’re a job hunter, we hope you’ll be impressed by how we work and how we will help you

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Recruit - Train - Retain

Who you'll work with

To work at Sales Talent, more than experience or particular educational achievements, we’re looking for certain key attributes: positivity (all the time, not just when the sun is shining); enthusiasm for and interest in business; a burning desire to learn and to build a successful career; and – more than anything else – a genuine sense of caring. Unless you care about delivering a truly exceptional service, no amount of training can turn you into a star performer.

You will be given the chance to build your own desk within one of our target markets for growth. Foreign Exchange, Healthcare and Media are three potential sectors though we’re open to your suggestions if you bring a particular expertise with you. Initially, you’ll be tasked with sourcing and vetting the right candidates for our existing clients. Once fully trained, you’ll take over the whole recruitment process for your chosen sector: finding new clients, meeting them to qualify needs, then sourcing and matching the right candidates.

If you are interested in joining us and building your career in recruitment, we would love to hear from you.

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