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Welcome to Pembrook Resourcing, an Automotive recruitment company built on simple but long-lasting values! In such a competitive market we know it is crucial to stand out from the pack, our core values are based on integrity and professionalism!

We understand the importance of hiring highly motivated professionals into your business, selecting and recruiting the right candidates is sometimes a hard task so we offer a top-quality service which is tailored to your requirements within the business.

As a company we know that candidates will one day become our clients, so we emphasise on high levels of communication between candidates as well as clients. Recruitment is built on strong communication and an understanding of their requirements, so we try and offer the highest level of customer service when representing candidates to our clients and vice versa!

About Us

Here at Pembrook Resourcing we want to set the bench mark for recruitment in the automotive sector, that means delivering a credible service and high levels of professionalism always. We base this on years of experience and in-depth knowledge within the automotive industry. Being honest and open with our candidates and clients, with the highest levels of respect, efficiency, fairness and professionalism.

Our extensive automotive industry experience has led us to understand that every employer or job seeker is different and will therefore have individual requirements. Therefore, we take the time to fully understand our customers’ needs, allowing us to provide a truly tailored recruitment solution.

The success of our business ultimately depends on how we operate on a day to day basis!

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