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What we do

At ITonlinelearning Recruitment, we are dedicated to developing newly qualified professionals and then connecting them with Line Managers needing quality staff who can hit the ground running.

Since starting in 2007, we have focused in growth areas like project management, change management, business analysis, IT and Cyber Security and help make it easier for Line Managers to find quality staff while helping address skills shortages across the UK.

We realised that so many candidates were applying for roles they were not qualified for with out understanding the reasons why so many applications were leading to no success.

Our 13+ years of experience in this space enables us to help new career seekers and employers alike. We understand what line managers need from new staff and what jobseekers need to have successful careers. Through our ITonlinelearning division we are able to provide the accredited certifications needed for most of the roles we cover ensuring a much higher success rate in achieving interviews and new job roles.

We have a wide network of companies we already work with across the UK coupled with extensive resources, partners and skilled recruitment staff to help each candidate get placed.

ITonlinelearning Recruitment is owned by ITonlinelearning Ltd and is our dedicated departments for our Career Placement Programmes.

Who you'll work with

ITonlinelearning have been supporting students since 2007 and have grown to become one of the UK’s leading providers of accredited online training.

We expanded our services into Recruitment Support through ITonlinelearning Recruitment around 5 years ago and now provide a seemless service for many students by working with them to help them find their first role in their chosen new career.

We do this through a number of bespoke career placement programmes designed to ensure candidates are suitably qualified for their chosen career pathway and therefore in a fantastic position to get to the head of the queue when applying for roles. In addition, we ensure students CV's are written for the roles they need and assist candidates in interview support as well as offering career development and guidance.

We specialise in Project Management, Marketing, Business Improvement and IT careers.

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