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Welcome to Fashion UK, an established licensed merchandise company, set up to supply a variety of products across multiple territories. Based in Leicester, UK, our core staffs of 57 still retains that essential buzz to maintain speed to market, and a strong sense of affiliation to the actual product.

With our 20 years of experience in the licensing industry, we have considerable knowledge and contacts within the licensing arena, that enables us to stay at the forefront of the licensing industry. With a modest start, many years ago, targeting retro brands onto ladies fashion tops, Fashion UK, now boasts over 45 different licenses, across various different market segments.

Being apparel specialists in the main, we now cover boys, girls, ladies, and menswear, from socks, underwear, nightwear, and a full range of outerwear. In addition to apparel, we work with complementary products such as fashion gifting that covers an array of product from jewellery, travel accessories to fashion bags. We boast a unique set up with our in-house UK print facility, to cover short orders that can cater for demand across Europe and beyond.

Truly a unique company, that has the corporate structure to cover cross-category product, across Europe, while maintaining the benefits of a small company, that cares about service to the end consumer, by focussing on product design, quality and speed to the market.

Finalists for Leicester Mercury Business Awards 2018 - Employer of the Year