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Explore has established itself as one of the key UK Tech recruitment companies specialising in the Open Source, Mobile, DevOps, Digital Marketing and Cloud markets, but we’d be the first to admit that we’re only really coming into our stride now as we begin to grow at a phenomenal rate.

We know that you need us to be highly proactive and smarter than the average recruiters and use the latest skills to find the talent or jobs that you or your competitors can’t. We also realise that it’s not good enough to find the perfect candidates or jobs without ensuring that we fully understand your needs, care about your experience and give you an outstanding level of service.

We collaborate and partner with our colleagues and customers at the same time ensuring that we always share useful information that adds value at all points in the process and results in everyone’s happiness. All of our staff are encouraged to learn by doing - creating new ideas, experimenting, looking at issues in new ways and unearthing solutions in new places so everyone has the knowledge and information to win.

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Technology Recruitment Specialists

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We’ve built a great team that does great work and has a great time doing it and we’re always looking for new Explorers who want to grow personally and professionally.

We’re fast learners and you’ll learn fast how to be an expert in your field, help our customers overcome their obstacles (helping them to go further) and to celebrate your success (we’re going to Las Vegas this year).

If you like a challenge you’ll love it here because we get a massive kick out of solving our customers problems every day, we’re expanding rapidly (you could be off to the US soon) and we always have a need to explore new things, grow and prove we’re the best

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