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Working at CCA International

What we do

At CCA International, the main mission is to deliver the new generation of customer experience ®. Everyday our company is driven by our leaders and people to succeed in meeting customers’ new expectations. For 20 years, CCA International has forged its expertise by delivering seamless customer experience to some of the World’s leading brands. From traditional point of sales to social media interactions, our people always make sure that customers are recognised, supported and cherished whatever the channel and language they use throughout their journey. Our innovative approach transforms and modernises the traditional way of delivering customer service. To realise our ambition, we are proud to have created a group where employees are always invested in overcoming modern customer experience challenges by being consistently given the opportunity to express their innovative, analytical and entrepreneurial skills. Together, we can create the new generation of customer experience and help brands deliver a truly innovative and engaging customer experience. Our determination and passion to create the most modern customer experience relies on our commitment to create the most enjoyable professional experience for our employees.

What you'll get

  • Health & well-beingSubsidised Gym Membership
  • Deals & discountsCycle To Work Scheme
  • Deals & discountsChildcare Vouchers
  • Health & well-beingDentist scheme
  • Health & well-beingEye test vouchers
  • Learning & developmentExcellent onsite training and induction
  • Deals & discountsCorporate discounts, including hairdressing, restaurants and bars
  • Company cultureSmart casual dress code and policy
  • Corporate social responsibilityInvolvement with local charities and fundraising days/events
  • Holiday & travel20 days holiday per annum plus an additional day per year of service u

Who you'll work with

CCA International wants to make each of our employees proud of their work. How?

We walk the talk: Processes, organisation, management – we deliver what we promise. Therefore, we create a trustworthy relationship between our managers and teams. Our objective is to listen, understand and motivate each of our employees to unleash their full potential.

We encourage a professional experience that combines relationship-building skills, digital expertise and customer experience knowledge. Our HR teams’ ambition is to ensure that every person within CCA international can consolidate and develop their capabilities to have the right expertise at the right moment with the right attitude. We therefore invest in the employability of our staff so that they can continue to succeed professionally.

In valuing creativity and entrepreneurial attitude, we want to create a collaborative working environment where dialogue and proximity prevails. Our recruitment policy revolves around finding new talents that aspire to work efficiently as a team to achieve common goals.