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Message from Darren, the Founder of Bespoke Client Connections:

I founded Bespoke Client Connections because I strongly believe in the need for people to receive good quality, Face to Face, Financial Advice throughout their lives. However, owing to a significant reduction in the number of CF30 Financial Advisors, access to advice is less readily available and this can have huge ramifications for people and their families.

I set out with the following aims:

1) Remove the barrier from new to Industry, newly qualified Financial Advisors of starting out with no clients. This should encourage more people to join a fantastic industry.
2) Take the pressure off of Advisors, particularly, when starting out, of worrying about low income levels in the early months and years of their career. Avoid the need to take out large, repayable loans from their employer or Principal just to live.
3) Provide support with balancing a steep learning curve with having to cold-call, market and invest a lot of time trying to acquire clients. We can help you rebalance your time to focus more heavily on providing advice by doing the client acquisition activities for you.
4) Encourage existing Firms to recruit Advisors without a client bank, in the knowledge that we can help to quickly build their client portfolio, reducing the need for Business Owners to provide Cashflow to new Advisors.
5) Make the profession of Financial Advisor more enjoyable for those individuals who do not enjoy cold-calling and other marketing activities and who want to spend their time in front of clients advising.
I believe, that by meeting the above aims, I could help increase the number of CF30 Financial Advisors, make joining the industry more attractive, increase enjoyment levels within the profession and consequently improve the lives of many peoples across the UK by helping them gain access to good quality, Face-to-Face Financial Advice, that without the interventions above, they may not have received.

The company is in the early stages of growth, but over the coming year, it is hoped that we reach a level of £1.5m Turnover. Therefore it's an exciting time to join Bespoke Client Connections to help shape and contribute to the organisation. 

What you'll get

  • Flexible workingWorking from home and flexible working hours.