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Success comes from visions, which become goals, and from people who are prepared to commit themselves to these goals with great passion. People like us, here at beeline – a globally expanding company in which creatives, strategists and doers make a shared mission come alive. Offering on-trend fashion accessories at great prices – that is our vision. A vision that we have been successfully bringing to life since 1990. With our strong brands SIX, I AM, TOSH and additional white and private labels, we are represented in 47 countries around the world in 23.000 retail spaces. This makes beeline one of the largest international providers of fashion jewellery and stylish accessories. 4.500 employees make sure that new countries and new retail spaces are added all the time. And that our range of fashionable products is constantly expanded.


Our culture is unique! It is the heart and soul of beeline and the secret to our success. Our culture is supported by values which guide our thoughts and actions. They give every employee direction and act as a promise to our business partners.

Quality - We offer not only quality products, but also impress with first class staff and the best possible service to our internal and external customers.

Team Spirit - People are our top priority. We can only be successful if we work closely together as a team. We treat each other with respect, trust and fairness. We are accessible for our employees, customers and suppliers. We strive to maintain long-term, honest and constructive relations and ensure true win-win partnership for all parties involved.

Transparency - Transparency makes our actions understandable and explains why certain decisions are necessary and must be implemented accordingly. We communicate openly and share information, we are authentic and act with integrity.

Passion - Passion stimulates us for our daily work. Each and every one of us invests their heart and soul in our work to move things forward. We love fashion and we create beautiful accessories for everyone.

Responsibility - We beeliners take responsibility - for our area of work, for our actions, for our products and for our employees. We act like owners, we are target-oriented, cost-conscious and socially responsible.


Passion, responsibility and team spirit pay off! Good character is in demand like never before. As a company, we embody the principles of passion, responsibility, transparency, quality and team spirit. This of course also means that we compensate our employees fairly, and not only through their salaries. We give them the freedom to develop ideas independently, we transfer responsibility as early as possible and we invest in strengths-oriented employee development. A good working atmosphere, where employees feel like they are accepted and are respected, is priceless – and only this allows each and every one of us to perform to our best. On top of this, we can offer attractive benefits depending on your area of work and individual living situation, such as:

· Flexible working hours

· An attractive working environment

· Fair opportunities

· Team spirit


For us at beeline, corporate responsibility is more than just a trendy topic; it is an integral element of our corporate culture. We feel a great obligation toward society and the environment, and we have developed a code of conduct within the company that applies to us and our partners. We are pleased to introduce our social commitment and involvement and the steps we have taken along the way to becoming a more sustainable company.