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Utility People is a niche consultancy that specialises in sourcing technical experts for the energy, water and utilities industries. The Utility People brand is our people, and as our business has developed so have our values and these are deeply embedded in everything we do and drive us towards our future goals.

There is a great sense of belonging to our company that is very individual and creates a drive and positive energy throughout the business – one that you will feel the moment you make contact with any of our team. Our people understand the complexities of your business as they are either subject matter experts from the utilities industries or they have undertaken training delivered and written by experts in their field.

What makes us different from our competitors is that we understand how hard it is to find the technical skills required in the energy, water and utilities industries and we have spent the last nine years building a network of more 40,000 key stakeholders. With our focus on team rather than individual targets, we can provide the best possible outcome for our customers.

Who you'll work with

With our niche in the Energy, Water and Utilities industries, we have a unique combination of expertise in both energy and recruitment – this gives us the ability to deliver recruitment best practice with an unparalleled depth of understanding about our sector.
We employ subject matter experts from the industry – 50 years of combined experience
We have developed a unique training programme written by industry experts
We talk to people about the current and future challenges facing the utilities industry
Our goal is to achieve a proactive strategic partnership with our customers – to position them as employers of choice, selling the benefits of working for their organisations. We become an extension of your business, a trusted advisor to whom you come for guidance, market intelligence and support.
Call us today for more information about our track record in meeting and exceeding even the most challenging client briefs and to discuss how we can help you recruit the brightest and the best.

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