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    1,000–2,499 employees
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What we do

We believe energy should be better - for you and the environment.

We’re a leading energy technology company providing a better experience for our customers through transparency, honesty and simplicity. Better for the planet, through real long-term investment in renewable generation and a low CO2 future. Better value, by throwing away the old business models of the “Big 6” and instead building a business that’s fit for the 21st century. We make energy green and flexible for consumers, with fair and transparent pricing. Through our home developed platform, 'Kraken Technologies', cloud-based billing, and sophisticated use of data science, modelling and AI, we’re redefining what is possible in energy.

We recently secured over £500 million of investment from Origin, Australia's largest Energy Company, and Tokyo Gas, to help us continue our mission. This will help power our growth into new markets, build more tech to make energy greener, and increase our investment in service and growth in our existing markets.

Our group includes Octopus Energy, Kraken Technology, Octopus Electric Vehicles, Octopus for Business, Octopus Energy Services and the Octopus Centre for Net Zero.

We believe energy should be better. A better experience for customers, better for the Earth, and better value for money.

Who you'll work with

Our team works across many functions, from energy specialists helping customers to engineers installing smart hardware. From data nerds crunching numbers to EV experts spurring the transition to electric transport. From developers building best-in-class tech to marketers telling our story to the world.

What unites us is a shared mission to make the green revolution, faster, cheaper, and better for people – and a culture of autonomy, responsibility and agility to make that vision a reality.

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