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Working at Charis Grants Ltd

What we do

We design and deliver bespoke projects that enable our clients to achieve both their social responsibility commitments and commercial goals.

We’ve developed expertise in our field through 15 years of working with our clients and extensive network of charitable partners. During this time, we’ve managed over £100 million of funds, through a range of tailor-made solutions, many of which have to meet regulatory requirements.

Our mission is to design and deliver client solutions that make a positive difference to those facing hardship

Who you'll work with

Our team is expertly skilled in the creation, development and delivery of bespoke solutions. Each member of Charis truly cares about the work we carry out, bringing passion, innovation and sincerity to every single project. These values underpin the foundation on which Charis was built, and to this day, make us a very exciting company to work with and for.