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Working at Berkshire Vision

What we do

Berkshire Vision is a local registered charity with over 100 years of expertise and experience in the provision of services, advice and support to more than 2,000 people across Berkshire who are blind or partially sighted.

We aim to provide visually impaired people (VIPs) with the information and support they need to live independently and safely.

We achieve this by offering a wide range of services to VIPs and their families as well as working with health and social care professionals, local employers and community groups to improve their understanding of visual impairment and the needs of those affected by all forms of vision loss.

We also provide vital practical and emotional support to VIPs and their families, we have a children’s activity club, social clubs and a full range of sporting activities for all ages.

Sight loss does more than take away a person’s sight, it can take away their self-confidence and independence and leave them isolated.
We are here to combat their isolation, to support their independence and to boost their self-esteem.