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As a leading provider of human capital solutions, we help our clients and their people navigate the complexity of health, wealth and HR. We combine data-driven, consumer-centered technology with personalised care and service to deliver a superior customer experience. Our dedicated colleagues across 19 global centers help 22 million people and their 19 million family members simplify work and life, both now and in the future. At Alight, we are reimagining how people and organizations thrive.

Work and life. Companies and people. Innovation and understanding. We understand the powerful human connections that create success for your organization. We bring an industry leader's expertise and a true partner's commitment to our benefits and administration solutions around health, wealth, HR, finance and consumer experience. We are proud to be shaping the future of work and life for organizations, people and their families.

We are thousands of colleagues, in 19 global delivery centres, serving 22+ million people and their families.

What We Do
-HR & Financial Solutions
-Cloud Deployment Solutions, Workday
-Health & Wealth Solutions
-Consumer Experience


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  • Alight Solutions  Video