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ATL was formed in 1981 to design, manufacture and sell affordable milking parlour equipment to dairy farmers.

From the outset the products have been affordable, reliable, easy to use and backed up with excellent customer service and support.

We have a dedicated research and development department, which has developed unique, patented, technologically advanced products, with the aim of increasing dairy farm profitability by reducing time and labour cost inputs during milking.

Our products are a popular choice for dairy farmers because of their adaptability to suit the needs of all types and sizes of dairy farms. Many products operate effectively as stand-alone units, making them suitable for the smaller dairy farmer.

However, the majority products are capable of being integrated into the ATL system and information being available for viewing on ATL Cowculator PC software. This provides the capability of automatically monitoring the progress of each animal's yield and overall management of the dairy herd.

From our factory in Newmarket in the UK, our products are despatched across the UK, Ireland and beyond.

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