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Solus emailsEmail your personalised message direct to the inboxes of up-to 10,000 targeted jobseekers solus email - branded email campaign for jobseekers Click to zoom in
  • Sent to a maximum of 10,000 jobseekers
  • Targeted to candidate specialism, location, salary level and jobseeker behaviour
  • Bespoke content provided by you
  • Your message delivered directly to an active jobseeking audience
  • Your opportunity to bring your employer brand to life via email

Display jobsGrab the attention of your target jobseeker with fully customised Display Jobs display job - branded job advert Click to zoom in
  • Fully customisable HTML template: you design how candidates see your job description
  • Match your content to ongoing recruitment campaigns
  • Creative control to convey your brand’s messaging at the first point of contact for jobseekers
  • Encourage a higher application rate with engaging vacancy content

Recruiter profilesBuild your employer brand with a Recruiter Profile, linked to all your live vacancies on bespoke profile - branded careers profile hosted by Click to zoom in
  • Your logo attached to your vacancy directory entry and uploaded to each job posting
  • 7,500 characters of text for an “About us” feature on your organisation
  • Information available to candidates who click on any instance of your logo
  • Build your employer brand and promote the benefits of working for your organisation
  • Target your desired candidate audience with customisable messaging