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Why Love Mondays?
reed.co.uk Love Mondays

Love Mondays with reed.co.uk

At reed.co.uk, we love Mondays. And we want you to love Mondays too.

Whether it's fulfilling a lifelong passion, working with great colleagues or simply earning a bit more money, whatever it takes for you to start the week with a smile, we're here to help you find it.

Mondays have had a raw deal for far too long and it's our mission to give them the love they deserve - by matching hard working individuals like you with the jobs you deserve.

Our advertising campaign has been encouraging the nation to love Mondays since 2008, but we know there's a long way to go.

From our latest national TV ad to the Random Acts of Monday Kindness we give away each week on Facebook, we're always looking for ways to remind you that, with the right job, you too could love Mondays as much as we do.

reed.co.uk on TV

It's time to
Love Mondays

He's back. And he's on a mission to help the world Love Mondays...

Look out for reed.co.uk's 2015 campaign, on air throughout the spring, as our year-round TV advertising continues.

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