Tax Calculator for £10,000

The Tax Calculator calculates how much Income Tax (also known as PAYE) and National Insurance (NI) will be taken from your salary per week, per month and per year. Enter your salary below to view tax deductions and take home pay, and figure out exactly how much money you're left with at the end of the month.

Enter your salary and we'll calculate your tax for you

Income Tax£0£0£0
National Insurance£60£5£1.15
Take home pay£9,940£828.33£191.15

If your salary is £10,000, then after tax and national insurance you will be left with £9,940. This means that after tax you will take home £828.33 per month, or £191.15 per week, £38.23 per day, and your hourly rate will be £4.78 if you're working 40 hours per week.

Disclaimer: This figure is for guidance only, and does not in any way constitute financial advice. We advise you to consult a specialist regarding any major financial decisions. These rates are from the HMRC website and are correct as of April 2020
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