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reed.co.uk Client Satisfaction Survey, April 2016
  • reed.co.uk exceeds AA's expectations

    "In one word: fabulous. reed.co.uk has more than exceeded our expectations. Attraction through the site has been spot-on and has provided us with many great applications.

    The site is easy to use and when you do get stuck, there's always help at the end of the phone where the service is always friendly, helpful and professional. Overall a great site and service and I look forward to working with them in the future."

    The Automobile Association
  • Cameron James finds reed.co.uk a vital tool for their business

    Cameron James specialists are a professional recruitment agency and strategic resourcing partner specialising in a diverse range of industries, including Accountancy, Senior Qualified Finance, HR & Training, General Insurance or Financial Services. Their work covers Graduate to Executive level, from SME through to blue chip organisations.

    "We have been using reed.co.uk for a number of years for both advertising our jobs and using the CV Search.

    The simplicity of advertising roles, along with the volume of suitable applicants we receive, far surpasses any of the other main jobs boards.

    reed.co.uk has allowed us to attract candidates at all levels and sectors and continues to be a vital tool for our business."

    Michael Lill Managing Director
  • EA receives high quantity and quality applications

    "We initially trialled reed.co.uk on a one month basis and were pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of applications we received. We have subsequently extended our contract with reed.co.uk and, as a result, have successfully filled a number of junior to mid-manager roles across corporate, publishing and studio functions.

    I've been particularly impressed with the fantastic account management and customer service skills. Our account manager has really gone out of his way to ensure our brand is visible and is a pleasure to work with on a day-to-day basis."

    Electronic Arts
  • Flight Centre gains unrivalled insight on applications

    Flight Centre Limited employs more than 15,000 people and has over 2,500 businesses across 11 countries. In the UK, Flight Centre have an exciting range of brands from those specialising in adventure travel to global corporate businesses.

    "With year round recruitment needs across 9 different brands, a constant and reliable source of applications and successful placements is important to our business. Since we started using reed.co.uk in January we have seen an average of 3 placements per month rise steadily to as much as 6 placements made in May.

    What reed.co.uk offers that separates their service from our other job board partners is a full integration with our multi-posting software. This allows us to view answers to our screening questions, giving us a level of insight on applicants from reed.co.uk that no other service currently provides."

    Tessa Buckman Recruitment Marketing Manager
  • Frequency Telecom recruits quality with reed.co.uk

    Frequency Telecom is a global mobile accessory distributor, supplying 50 countries worldwide with a full range of accessory solutions for all leading smartphones and devices.

    "I first started working with reed.co.uk when I joined Frequency Telecom in November 2011. I have found reed.co.uk to be a fantastic resource for finding the right candidates and it is by far most successful job board.

    Last year I advertised 33 roles, out of those I managed to fill 19 using reed.co.uk, compared with only two or three for the other boards I use.

    I also find the candidates the site attracts are of a higher calibre. I find I get fewer, but far better quality candidates. This results in a much higher retention rate for my reed.co.uk applicants."

    Katrina Ellis HR Manager
  • reed.co.uk gives Greggs excellent value for money

    As one of the biggest on-line recruitment sites, reed.co.uk has given the Greggs brand some great coverage to let potential candidates know that we are recruiting exciting roles in difficult times.

    "Overall, we are very happy with the service provided and believe reed.co.uk gives Greggs excellent value for money."

    Greggs plc
  • IQPC enjoys service that is second to none

    International Quality & Productivity Centre is the world's fastest growing global B2B conference company. IQPC help customers improve their business performance by providing a platform for understanding complex industry subjects and engaging with their target market place.

    "IQPC have been using reed.co.uk for over five years. As a recruiter, reed.co.uk has become my number one recruitment site.

    Not only does it boast a number of candidates, the application numbers are higher than any other job board we have used. CV searching is very user friendly and the amount of new CVs registered each day meets the extensive recruitment needs that IQPC has.

    reed.co.uk always lives up to its expectations, our account manager is always very helpful and the service is second to none."

    Adeel Zubair In House Global Recruiter
  • Midwich receives exceptional support

    Midwich is the UK's leading trade-only distributor of technology solutions with more than thirty years of experience in the AV and IT channels, Delivering solutions in audio-visual, consumer electronics, print and imaging.

    "reed.co.uk attracts a good amount of candidates which, in the past, we have struggled with, partly due to our location in Diss, Norfolk. We found that the other job boards did not give us the level of service or the number of candidates that reed.co.uk was continuously doing via their website.

    Our recruitment process has become much quicker. As well as advertising all of our vacancies on the reed.co.uk, we also search using CV Access for specific skills when needed which, in itself, has been effective for our recruitment.

    We would highly recommend reed.co.uk to other businesses for their recruitment needs, they have a great website, attract a lot of candidates to publicise their CVs and the support we receive is exceptional."

  • Owen Mumford reduces senior level cost-per-hire

    Owen Mumford is an industry leader in the medical device market with offices, manufacturing sites and a network of distributors around the globe. Dedicated to providing innovative healthcare solutions for the management of a variety of medical conditions and meeting corporate, social and environmental responsibilities.

    "In need of a Senior Buyer, Owen Mumford had been using recruiting methods with an average cost of around 15% of the candidates' annual salary.

    Using a Premium Branded job advert over the course of four weeks, we had received 19 applications. After interviewing a selection of the candidates from reed.co.uk, we found our hire, just over a month after going online.

    reed.co.uk was able to provide a number of senior-level candidates within a short amount of time and significantly reduce our previous cost-per-hire.

    The savings to our business made it an easy decision for us to commit to a long term partnership for reed.co.uk and our recruitment."

    Emma Kennard HR Business Partner
  • Thrifty Car & Van Rental hire key staff in just three weeks

    Thrifty Car & Van Rental have grown to become one of the leading rental companies in the UK, currently operating out of 90 locations across the UK and expanding. Such growth has brought about increased career opportunities.

    Thrifty were looking for a Manager to run a new branch before the site opened. The challenge was to find a candidate with the requisite skills for a senior position all before a deadline of the opening, whilst maintaining a full work schedule.

    "We were provided with a shortlist of candidates within days, all of whom had been contacted by the reed.co.uk+ team. We knew the CVs were from people interested and qualified for the position.

    Knowing that the applications had been qualified against our job description before being put forward gave us confidence that our time was being put to best use reviewing and interviewing quality candidates."

    Sarah Foweraker Recruitment Supervisor
  • Hexpress hire Country Manager in 1 week with reed.co.uk

    Hexpress Ltd has been at the forefront of developing cost effective online health solutions which have now helped diagnose over 100,000 patients worldwide. Hexpress have grown to employ over 100 staff, with a network of doctors and pharmacies, customer support in nine different languages and in-house health professionals.

    "We had been looking for a Country Manager for our Italian market for a long time and were working with a recruitment agency. We received an application through reed.co.uk, interviewed the person and hired them in 1 week. I think this is a very good example of the high quality of candidates using the site and that was one of the main reasons why we decided to bring in reed.co.uk as our main partner for recruitment."

    Claudio Deidda General Manager
  • RAC recruits in every UK region with reed.co.uk

    "We received 197 applications in 6 weeks and found that reed.co.uk produced better quality applications with more experience than we had received elsewhere. As a result, we have decided to re-list our advert for a further 6 weeks."

    Helen Johnson RAC Recruitment Manager