Three reasons to start video interviewing


Want to screen candidates more effectively? Video interviewing could be for you…

Aside from saving your business time and money, video interviewing is a great way to make your recruitment process more effective and convenient.

We’ve already covered how to find talent with video interviews, but here are three of the top reasons more and more employers are using video interviewing in their hiring process:


You’ll save time and money

Screening candidates can be a time consuming process.

Not only do you have to find the time (and space) to interview a large number of candidates, you also have to find right people to interview them.

By introducing video interviewing to your recruitment, you can streamline this stage without reducing the number of candidates you screen.

In fact, video interviews tend to be shorter and more concise – meaning you’re able to carry out more of them, within a shorter space of time. And with most video interviewing platforms allowing candidates to simply record and send you their answers to your specified questions, you can find a time that suits your diary to view them.


You’ll create a better candidate experience

Your recruitment process says a lot about your employer brand.

This means that creating the best possible candidate experience is essential want to make the right impression of your business. Offering a positive, customer-focused recruitment process will help build and protect your brand’s reputation and encourage applications and advocacy later on – even amongst unsuccessful applicants.

And as video interviews allow flexibility (both in terms of cost and schedule), they’re a great way to be accommodating of candidates’ needs.

They won’t have to spend time and money on travel – they might not even need to take time out of their current job.


It creates a more effective screening process

Screening candidates effectively is essential to finding the best talent.

Not only can you use video interviewing to narrow down the best candidates more quickly and test a candidate’s suitability without inviting them in – you can also remove any geographical limitations.

Candidate who are unable to travel or who are based further afield or abroad can still be considered for your vacancy.

And, with most video interviewing tools allowing you to record a candidate’s interview (or receive their answers independently) – it’s easier to compare their answers side-by-side.

The overall result? You only have to interview the best candidates face-to-face.


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