Six ways to make the most of your job ads

Getting your job ads to stand out isn’t always easy…

Luckily, there are a few simple ways you might be able to make them work harder for you. Because no matter what type of vacancy a jobseeker applies for, the things they look for (and what they want to avoid) in a job advert usually remain the same.

We’ve already covered how to write a job ad, but here are six proven ways to make them even more effective:




What makes a good job advert


1. Stop hiding salary

On average, a vacancy with a fixed salary receives 90% more applications than one with a hidden or negotiable salary.

So, by leaving it out you’re not only making your job advert less competitive – you could also risk turning away the perfect candidate.

So be as up front as possible, even if the wage on offer may prove to be a point of contention.

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2. Location, location, location

There’s a common misconception that by keeping location as broad as possible, your ad will show up in more listings.

However, because the majority of jobseekers search for roles by postcode or an exact area – location accuracy may actually be the best way to get noticed.

In fact, adverts that use a postcode receive up to 10x more applications than those without.

And although this can be tricky for some roles (Area Manager positions for example), keeping to one or two anchor locations (e.g. Birmingham for the West Midlands) will definitely help to boost overall application numbers.

Any other locations for travel can be discussed in the main job description.

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3. Less is more

Job searching can be a long and laborious task, with multiple job descriptions often being read in quick succession.

Unfortunately, this means that no matter how interesting your role may be, even the keenest candidate doesn’t want to spend their entire afternoon going through it.

The most effective ads consist of around 500 words, with a job title length of just 29 characters.

In fact, anything under 500 words will increase application numbers by an average of 12%.

Some roles may demand more, but always try and keep your descriptions as concise and as easy to digest as possible.

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4. Make the most of the platform

Most job boards offer a number of services to help support your ads – whether it’s enhancing where you rank, or making the most of your social networks.

Featured jobs on, for example, allow you to highlight your roles on key search results pages, and email your vacancy to 250 of the best matching candidates.

Just two reasons why Featured jobs result in 25% more applications than regular adverts.

And it’s not just add-ons. Even keeping the process on one site can make a huge impact when it comes to application numbers – with jobs that make you apply through an external URL getting 70% fewer applications than those who keep the whole process on the same page.

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5. The F-Word

Never underestimate the importance of good formatting.

Not only will it help save valuable space, it will also convey a clearer message to your candidates.

Using headings such as: ‘About us’, ‘the Role’, ‘Requirements’ and ‘Salary and Benefits’ takes any ambiguity out of the equation, and makes the whole thing easier to read, digest and apply for.

Additionally, it’ll actually improve your chances of success – with well-formatted job descriptions receiving 7% more applications than their messier counterparts.

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6. Manage your jobs on-the-go

45% of jobseekers prefer to be contacted via email – with other popular methods including phone and SMS.

And with dedicated candidates likely to have their phones to hand on a regular basis – ensuring you reach the best candidates before the competition is essential. In other words, don’t wait too long to get in touch.

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