Reed Integrate: What you need to know

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Want to make your recruitment more effective? Integrate it…

Reed Integrate is designed to make sure you never miss out on the best talent. By utilising our integration solutions and combining with your ATS and recruiting software, you’ll be able to save time, improve efficiency, and track applications effectively.

Here’s everything you need to know about Reed Integrate:


What is Reed Integrate?

Reed Integrate is made up of three products that are designed to integrate your recruitment, making it faster, less time consuming, and more efficient.

These products are:

  • ATS Apply
  • Direct Post
  • Job Wrapping

Each product has different functions and benefits, so it’s vital to understand which one best suits your requirements to receive the most impact.

Here’s a quick rundown of what they are and how they work:


What is ATS Apply?

If you use an ATS to recruit, candidates who apply for your vacancies are redirected to taken a separate form (off to fill fill in extra information for their application.

This extra step can be time consuming, and often results in a drop off in applications.

ATS Apply integrates and your ATS, making it quicker and easier for candidates to apply for your vacancies, ultimately streamlining the application process.

It also enables you to track where hires come from using our Recruiter API.


ATS Apply options


  • Direct Apply

How it works: A candidate’s application is automatically sent directly to the ATS, allowing the journey to remain on, and reducing the time it takes to apply.

Why use it? Without directing applicants to answer questions on an external site, you’ll be able to reduce drop off and receive 100% of your applications.

Perfect for: Employers who want to capture every application.


  • Refer & Populate

How it works: A candidate is still referred to an external ATS site to complete their application, but the form is pre-populated with candidate’s profile and CV.

Why use it? By providing a form that’s already populated, candidates will save time, and are less likely to drop off. You can also add additional questions if required.

Perfect for: Employers who need their applicants to fit specific requirements.


What is Direct Post?

This product allows you to post job adverts to multiple job boards, with one click.

By setting up Direct Post, you’ll be able to post, edit, end, or extend job adverts to (In addition to multiple other sites), direct from any HR software.

But if you don’t want your ads to be on every site? That’s OK too. Direct Post also allows you to select which vacancies to post on  

Perfect for: People who want to post automatically.


What is Job Wrapping?

This product automatically posts all the vacancies you have on your career site, direct to – avoiding the hassle of posting across various platforms.

Not only does this reduce your time to post, any changes you make to your ads are also reflected in real time.

And with standard or custom solutions available, you can make sure Job Wrapping is tailored to your needs.

Perfect for: People who want to integrate their careers site with


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