RAF – ‘The support we received from our Account Manager has been invaluable’

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Want to find out how the RAF uses us to help them hire?

As part of our series of customer success stories, we want to hear what companies really think about using our products and services. 

We spoke to Alan Whitton, Talent Acquisition Partner at the RAF, to find out more about how they run their recruitment campaigns through reed.co.uk.


Why use reed.co.uk?

Being such a recognisable name, we don’t struggle to attract a large number of candidates to our vacancies. The problem is, we have a real range of roles on offer – which people don’t always expect of the RAF. 

Some of our warehousing and supply roles, for example, are really important to us. Especially in the current climate. But people either don’t often think of us for those jobs, or they expect slightly different things from the role.

That’s one reason we turned to reed.co.uk to search for staff – to help us find people who really fit our requirements, rather than those who just want to work for us because of our brand.


What do you think about the team at reed.co.uk?

The support we received from our Account Manager has been invaluable. 

He explained everything we needed to know about how the product works, and helped us ensure we were getting the most out of the service. Which was great, as we hadn’t really used a job board for these roles before.

He’s really been a godsend, to be honest! 


How has using reed.co.uk improved your recruitment?

reed.co.uk has helped provide a really active and engaged audience looking for Supplier/Warehouse roles, meaning we have access to the right candidates whenever we need them.

They also allow us to have a platform for the RAF to showcase our first class employee perks and benefits, which is something we really believe helps set us apart.

Last year we saw a 12% increase in being able to successfully fill our vacancies, which all started with us signing up with reed.co.uk. 




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