We love Mondays. Do you? All-new ad campaign to launch in January


As the year comes to an end, we’re excited to be whipping off the covers to reveal an all-new look for our brand advertising in 2018.

But first, we must say goodbye to a reed.co.uk icon.

James Reed – not the real one! – has been fronting reed.co.uk’s brand advertising for the last six years. But the time has now come for him to hang up his armour / cape / spacesuit etc…


So why the change?

Like any market-leading brand, we need to move with the times, stay relevant and build for our future success. And, with a nod and a heartfelt thanks to our James Reed character, we’re about to start a new chapter in the evolution of the reed.co.uk brand.

Our latest campaign delivers new ads with wide-ranging appeal, specifically and deliberately amongst those hard-to-reach, hard-to-impress, ambitious young professionals – the audience with which every brand strives to connect.

And so, after detailed consumer research, our advertising focus now turns to that feeling you get when you Love Mondays: the expression of joy of loving your job – and loving every Monday.


All-new ads

We’ll be unveiling four new TV commercials and a whole new look for our digital and outdoor advertising in January. Our ads will focus on those expressions of Monday love: expressions which wow us, entertain us, thrill us and make us laugh. They’re extreme and often ridiculous because they’re born of passion – and love. And there’s one thing they always have the power to do: ask a simple question:

‘Do YOU have a job which makes you love Mondays?’

Because if you don’t, reed.co.uk is here to help you find one.

Coming in January – stills from the latest ads:



Big media reach – more candidates, more applications:


1. Four brand new TV ads – live throughout the year

We reached over 22 million adults in full-time employment in our last campaign – and 2018 is going to be even bigger.

  • Going live on January 7th
  • Brand new creative approach – without the James Reed character
  • 15 million adults in full-time employment will see it at least six times in January alone


2. Our biggest ever outdoor campaign

The promotion isn’t just limited to TV screens. We’re launching a wide range of new outdoor ads, which have been completely revamped to spread the Love Mondays message to the masses.

  • Going live on January 1st
  • Visibility on some of the UK’s top travel routes – including road, rail and buses
  • All-new visual identity for ‘Love Mondays’


3. Dedicated digital targeting 

We’re going live across a plethora of digital platforms, with new YouTube ads being released to coincide with the campaign.

  • New YouTube creative live from January 7th
  • Targeted, custom-built ads, delivering maximum reach across a range of demographics
  • Building on our award-winning reputation for innovative creative on the world’s most popular video platform


4. Industry-leading social media promotion

With more followers than any other UK recruitment brand, we’ll reach more jobseekers than ever – whether they’re ‘second screening’ whilst they watch TV or just killing time on the commute.

  • Twitter and Facebook promotion from January 7th
  • Brand new digital ads, made specifically for Snapchat
  • Dedicated re-targeting campaigns to send candidates straight to the most relevant roles


And that’s not all…We’ve got exciting plans for radio, Instagram, Spotify and more. Watch this space…


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