How to find talent with video interviews


Looking to make your recruitment even more effective? Try video interviewing…

Not only does it allow you to find out more about a candidate without the need for a face-to-face interview, it also has the potential to greatly reduce your recruitment costs and time-to-hire – by ensuring you’re only meeting with the best candidates.

To make sure you’re video interviewing effectively, here are our top tips on how to spot talent in video interviews:


Have they practiced?

Video interviewing can take some time to get right – whether it’s to perfect technical aspects like quality, speed, and picture, or just to nail an effective interview technique. After all, speaking to a camera isn’t something everyone is used to.

So how can you tell if a candidate has actually practiced?

Firstly, check they’ve picked a good location. A quiet room with no interruptions is vital – and will say a lot about the candidate’s professionalism and dedication to doing well. Then, ensure they’ve thought about aspects like camera angle, lighting, and sound quality.

Whilst you certainly shouldn’t expect professional, polished production quality, if they’re filming in bed, haven’t closed other computer applications causing the Wi-Fi to lag, and forgot to turn off the TV – it’s not a good sign.


How does their personality come across?

A CV alone doesn’t usually tell you everything you need to know about a candidate – and video interviews are an effective way to test the waters before meeting them in person.

Alongside the opportunity to ask a handful of important interview questions, video interviewing also lets recruiters learn a little more about a candidate’s personality, attitude and working style and this may provide an early indication of how somebody may sit within an organisational culture or working environment.

For example, if you’re recruiting for a position that involves extensive customer and client interaction, but the person you’re interviewing is more interested in working alone – a video interview could help factor that into your decision.


Have they prepared?

Preparation is key if a candidate wants to impress – and video interviews are no exception.

So when it comes to the questions you ask, always ensure at least one is designed to test just that. Possible examples could include: ‘What do you know about the company?’, ‘Why do you want to work for us?’ or ‘Describe the role you’re interviewing for’.

Then, focus on the details they include in their answers, and figure out how much they actually know. If they’re reeling off something generic, not covering all bases, or simply not answering the question in full – you’ll know they haven’t prepared.


How are they presented?

One of the many benefits of video interviewing is that it allows you to see how a candidate chooses to present themselves – without having to invite them in for an extended period of time.

You might not expect them to wear a smart suit or a shirt and tie (although for many organisations this will be appropriate), but demonstrating that they’ve treated this just like any other interview situation will definitely help to underline their intent.


Are they confident in themselves?

Finally, don’t be afraid to cut your candidates a little slack.

Remember: video interviewing is new for a lot of people. So be prepared for the fact that they might be nervous in front of camera.

Consider this as you make decisions about how interviewees come across: think more about the points they are trying to make and whether they’ve really used the job description to help tailor their answers to your role.

After all, there’s a difference between being confident in your own skills and simply being someone who is confident on screen.

That way you can ensure that their attributes are right, and they can actually back up what they’ve said on their CV – rather than using their own charisma and this new format to help cover over the cracks.


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