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Established in 2003, Jo Thompson Recruitment is a privately owned boutique recruitment consultancy specialising in recruitment services, assessment and development, psychometric testing and career coaching. It prides itself on providing a flexible, tailored service to suit individual company needs, and bringing employer brands to life through an enhanced candidate experience.


Tell us about a time that you’ve been impressed with has been a trusted partner for us since day one. With support and training, has always ensured that we stay ahead of the curve. It’s easy to use, with an intuitive system for recruiters. 

To give one example – we had a specific requirement for an Executive Assistant for one of our top clients in 2020. This was an urgent need. When we posted the job, we received around 415 applications. This certainly showed that had the candidates, but the urgent requirement of the role meant we didn’t have the time to go through 415 candidates. 

However, the different options available on the site meant we were able to filter through the 415 applicants quickly and effectively. Within 48 hours we had found the perfect candidate for the client with the right experience and filled the role.

This is one of the many examples of when,uk has delivered l for us and ensured we aren’t just filling roles, but filling them fast and meeting deadlines. 


Top service

The service we receive is top of the range with our Account Manager regularly checking in to see how things are going as well as assisting with any queries. From training to finding out the answers to my questions, does it all and does it so well. 

We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending to other recruiters. has always delivered what we are looking for and helped us fill our roles. We’ve enjoyed our 17-year long relationship so far and look forward to the future with 



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