Four ways to prioritise recruitment (when hiring isn’t your only job)


Finding the right person for your role can be pretty time-consuming…

But part of forming a more effective hiring process is the ability to know when – and how – to make recruitment a priority. Something which can be a struggle when attracting new staff isn’t your only role.

To help you make the most of your time, here are four ways you could better prioritise your recruitment right now:


Set deadlines

Certain roles will always be easier to fill than others.

So, instead of dedicating the same amount of time to all of your vacancies, keep your time-to-hire to a minimum for some positions by keeping to a strict timeframe.

It may sound simple, but you might be surprised at how much more you can get done when a six-week hiring process turns into a month (or even a fortnight).

And if you keep any other relevant CVs you receive on file, you’ve got a ready-made list of people you can contact if a similar role comes up.


Find the right method

There is a whole plethora of different products out there to help you attract candidates – some of which may not suit your situation, your role, or your hiring process in general. Not to mention your budget.

For easy-to-fill roles, online job adverts are incredibly effective, and allow you to get your role out there to millions of jobseekers within seconds.

For more experienced or qualified staff, CV searching could be even quicker, as you’ll be able to reach an entire audience of interested jobseekers who aren’t actively looking for work.

Add to these dedicated email campaigns, activity across social networking sites and paid editorial, and you could cut your time-to-hire dramatically just by using the most effective method.


Set time aside (and switch off)

It isn’t always easy to find time to go through candidates – especially if recruitment isn’t your only role.

But instead of trying to juggle all your tasks at once, set time aside each day to go through any applications that come in. Whether it means setting up your alerts to come through in the afternoon, or dedicating an hour a day to searching through CVs.

To make sure you stick to it, take it a step further by booking the same time out of your diary every day – and keep your phone and emails switched off, if possible, to keep distractions to a minimum.

That way you won’t be half-concentrating on the other tasks you need to complete – and you’ll be able to give each application the time it deserves.


Go mobile

Finally, even a busy schedule doesn’t need to get in the way of finding your ideal hire.

With the recruiter app, you can access your applicants from anywhere – and even post, edit or extend your vacancies on the go.

Not only is the app completely free to download, you also get a free job advert just for installing. So budget and time constraints aren’t a concern. And you don’t have to be in the office to sort through your applications.

Want to find a speedier and simpler way to hire? Want to access 8m candidates, wherever you are? Download the app and try mobile recruitment today.

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