Four reasons why mobile recruiting is the future


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As the world becomes increasingly mobile-first, it’s no surprise that recruitment is heading in the same direction. Not only could it be faster and more convenient to recruit on-the-go, it might also mean gaining access to the top talent before the competition – making it a key way to streamline your hiring process.

Here are four reasons why mobile recruiting is the future:


  1. You can recruit on-the-go 

You no longer need to be tied to a desk to recruit.

In fact, aside from the ability to fulfil your employment needs via a number of mobile-friendly recruitment sites (and we happen to know a pretty good one), you can also manage your hiring directly through our recruiter app.

This means that whether you’re at home, on the train, or anywhere else, your next hire could be just a few clicks away.


  1. You’ll never miss an application

Want to keep on top of your applications?

Thanks to the recruiter app, you can. With the option to receive push notifications as soon as someone submits an application, you’ll be able to view, shortlist, and respond to candidates instantly. No matter where you are, or what time it comes through.

What’s more, is everything you do on mobile will sync to the desktop site within seconds – meaning your applications can be managed across various platforms.

So even if it’s just shortlisting a few candidates on your commute, you’ll be able to make the most of any extra time you have and pick up where you left off as soon as you’re back in the office.


  1. You can get in touch instantly

Mobile recruitment doesn’t just offer a more convenient way to hire, it could also help you find your perfect candidate faster.

Not only can you call, text, or email prospective employees straight from the app, you can also send bulk emails to suitable candidates – drastically speeding up the shortlisting and selection process.

And it isn’t just helpful for successful candidates. By bulk emailing any jobseekers who didn’t meet your criteria, you’ll have the ability to get back to everyone who applied – leaving a positive impression of your brand, without taking up any more of your time.

That’s one way to beat the competition…


  1. There’s no limit to what you can do

The recruiter app gives you all the benefits of mobile recruiting, combined with the usability and functionality of a desktop site.

It only takes a few taps to put a job ad live direct from your phone, and with full access at all times (from wherever you are), making any necessary tweaks is quick and easy.

You’ll also be able to access over 10.1 million CVs, using our CV Search tool to save, favourite, and contact the most suitable candidates.

So whether you want to add a few extra details to your ads, post a whole new job, or headhunt the very best jobseekers within your industry, mobile recruiting’s got you covered.


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