Five ways to tell if a candidate is just not that into you

So, a promising candidate has popped up on your list of applicants, and you’re interested…

But, an application alone doesn’t necessarily prove you’re both on the same page. By keeping an eye out for the tell-tale signs of an uninterested candidate (they’re often visible from the outset), you’ll be able to spot who’s really worth your time and who’s not.

Here are five ways to figure out if a candidate is just not that into you, your organisation, and your vacancy:


  1. They can’t make time for you

In other words, they consider their other commitments to take priority over your vacancy.

First off, their interest in the role is tested in how they respond (if at all) to your follow up messages or phone calls.

If the candidate never seems to have the time to discuss the role further or continuously asks to reschedule an interview, they’re probably not interested – or at least, not interested enough.

If they’re unable to make compromises on their current situation to make an effort with a new one, then they’re probably not ready to commit to your role.


  1. Their career goals don’t match

You can find out a lot about a candidate’s real intentions by asking about their career goals.

Their CV and cover letter can also be used to give you a clear indication of where they are in their career – and where they want to go (if anywhere).

If their goals have nothing to do with your role, and you don’t think your company could take them there, it’s probably not worth pursuing them.

Your vacancy could just be being used to fill a gap or as a stepping stone in between other things.


  1. They’re prone to job hopping

If a candidate’s CV is overrun with a lots of different jobs over a short time, you’ll probably be left wondering why all 15 of them didn’t work out. Unless they’re all temp assignments or contract roles, you should ask yourself why this might be the case? How’s their work ethic? Do they just have commitment problems?

Either way, a track record like this doesn’t say a lot about the candidate’s ambition or drive.

Generally speaking, someone who switches across a variety of sectors, in a variety of jobs, is probably struggling to settle on one thing or they’re open to absolutely anything.

Neither is an attractive quality. Your vacancy should be the one they want, long term, above others. If that’s not how they feel, move on to someone who’s actually passionate about you.


  1. They’re just in it for the money

For most roles, a genuinely interested candidate chooses to apply for a vacancy based on the actual job, not on the salary.

A candidate who’s only interested in getting paid clearly hasn’t got their priorities right, so steer clear of those who constantly bring up the topic of salary in an interview or talk about money in their CV or cover letter.

They won’t be the ones to help you succeed – and they may not even stick around.

So, spot the gold-diggers as soon as possible and you could avoid wasting your time.


  1. Their cover letter or CV is generic

A candidate who fails to tailor their CV and cover letter to a specific vacancy probably isn’t that interested in landing a particular position.

Chances are they’ve sent identical applications to numerous employers in the hope that at least one of them will take the bait.

Not the actions of someone who’s passionate about your vacancy, that’s for sure.

Look for a candidate who specifically outlines how they’d be a good fit for your role and not someone who forgets to change the company name from the last job they applied for.


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