Five ways to make your online recruitment more effective


Hiring online is a great way to fill your vacancies fast…

However, if you’re not making the most of every option (or you don’t know what options are out there), you might not be running the most effective campaign.

So whether you’re new to hiring or you’ve been doing it for a while, here are five ways to make your online recruitment more effective:


1. Write an effective job ad

Before you start advertising your role online, you need to get the basics right.

This means writing a job ad that not only describes the role and person specification clearly, but also plays to your own organisational strengths – whether it’s through highlighting company perks and benefits or illustrating what training and development opportunities lie ahead for the successful candidate.

Then, check for mistakes and over-use of industry jargon or company-specific acronyms. After all, you probably wouldn’t shortlist a candidate who has grammatical errors in their CV, and the rules are no different for recruiters.

How to write a job ad

Five things every candidate wants from a job ad

2. Choose the right services

Identifying which method is right for your role is a vital part of ensuring a successful recruitment process.

Do you want to search for candidates, or do you want them to find you?

If you’re primarily interested in the latter, job postings are perfect for attracting active jobseekers. However, if you’re recruiting for what you anticipate will be a harder to fill role, or have more time to dedicated to finding the right candidate, CV search may be a better option.’s CV Search gives you access to more than 8.7 million candidates, and provides filters (e.g. job title, qualifications, specific keywords) to help you pinpoint the perfect fit.

Six ways to make the most of your job ads

Seven ways to make the most of CV search

3. Think about timescale

Let’s face it, time really is money.

So before you choose a hiring method, it’s vital to consider when you’d like your vacancy to be filled by.

Whilst posting a job ad might be the cheapest option, it could also mean waiting up to six weeks to hire. However, services like CV search and priority job ads will allow you to speed up your recruitment process, making them a great choice for recruiters who need to hire fast.

In fact, upgrading to a priority job ad could double your applications in the first week.

And if you have to schedule interviews by a certain date, set yourself a deadline, and stick to it.

Five ways to cut your time-to-hire in half


4. Make the most of any extras

Posting your job online allows you to benefit from a number of helpful features and perks.

What you get within your job posting depends on the type of ad you buy – and could range from your vacancy being emailed to up to 100 of the best matching candidates, to your ad being highlighted in search results.

Many job boards also have special offers available, all of which are designed to make your recruitment process cheaper and more effective.

So to ensure you’re making the most of your money (and not missing out), always look into what’s on offer before making your decision.

Four ways social networks can enhance your job board campaigns

5. Use technology

Hiring online doesn’t mean you have to be chained to a desk.

Whether it’s by utilising mobile friendly job boards, or downloading a recruiter app (we know a good one) – you’ll be able to hire faster and more effectively, from wherever you are.

In fact the recruiter app allows you to both search CVs, and post, edit, or extend your vacancies on-the-go. And, if you install now, you’ll also get a free job ad and 10 CV downloads – meaning you can start your search straight away.

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