Five ways to cut your time-to-hire in half


Struggling to fill your roles fast?

Although sourcing candidates for your vacancies quickly and efficiently is vital to ensure the smooth running of your business, reducing your time-to-hire can be a challenge for some businesses.

To help you stay focused on finding the best new talent fast, here are five ways to cut your time-to-hire in half:

  1. Prepare for the expected

Firstly, you need to know both your business and your industry inside out.

There are a variety of factors that could affect your time-to-hire – from seasonality and special or promotional events to plans for expansion and potential career changes, so it’s vital to plan your hiring for (or around) these times.

Even understanding when your busiest period of recruitment over the last 12 months was can be valuable information to have.


  1. Plan for the unexpected

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to foresee everything. But you can be prepared.

How? Aside from making sure you have enough job positing credits to enable you to advertise your vacancies as soon as you need to, it’s also key to ensure you have a prebuilt job description for every position in the business.

Additionally, keeping the most impressive past candidates on standby is a great way to fast-forward the recruitment process for any future roles they might be suitable for.


  1. Find a temporary replacement

If the position is absolutely vital to your organisation (and you anticipate the recruitment process taking longer than you can afford), consider hiring someone on a temporary basis.

Temporary workers, contractors and interim managers can be found in almost every industry, and can be an excellent short-term solution to ensure your business keeps running smoothly. Most importantly, they’re almost always ready to start work straight away.

Aside from searching for temp workers on, you also use your social networks to help you hire.


  1. Try something new

There are a number tools and services designed specifically to help you hire quickly and efficiently.

For example, incorporating CV Search into your recruitment will enable you to access over 8.6 million CVs instantly – cutting down the whole recruitment process and allowing you to take hiring into your own hands.

You could also emphasise urgency by posting a priority job ad, increasing your vacancy’s visibility and doubling your applications in the first week.

And, if you don’t usually work with Recruitment Consultants, now may be the time to consider them if finding talent quickly is your priority.


  1. Download the Recruiter App

If you’re looking for a fast and simple way to recruit, try the Recruiter App.

Not only does it allow you to search and headhunt top talent wherever you are, you can also view and manage your applications on-the-go – contacting the best candidates via phone, email, and SMS; direct from your device.

What’s more, you’ll benefit from increased productivity as the app allows you to post, edit, and extend your vacancies wherever you are.

You also get a job posting and 10 CV downloads for free just for downloading.

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