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Are you making the most out of your company profile?

Your company profile isn’t just a good place to showcase your available vacancies; it also provides the perfect opportunity to tell candidates about what you do, what you can offer them, and what it’s like to work for your business – using everything from photos of your office and recruitment videos, through to text and inspirational quotes.

Want to make your own profile work even harder? To help inspire you, here are five of the best company profiles on



Sector: Retail

Lidl are great at using their company profile to talk about ambition, growth, and expansion, helping jobseekers to understand how their business can help their career grow long-term.

In fact, they ensure ‘opportunities, challenges and rewards’ is the first line a candidate sees when visiting their profile.

And, by showing what it’s like to work at all parts of Lidl (through photos, videos, and a list of attractive benefits), they’re able to attract candidates for vacancies in everything from area management to warehouse work.

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Sector: Energy

When it comes to finding the perfect role, candidates want to know that the company they’re applying for shares their values. That’s why BP use first section of their company profile to explain why it’s a great place to work – focusing on company size, development, and rewards. All of which the majority of jobseekers will factor highly in their search.

They also feature video testimonials from current employees, which give real-life insights into what it’s like to be a Duty Manager, Customer Service Assistant, and more.

Additionally, jobseekers are able to connect with BP’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn career pages via their company profile – helping prospective employees learn even more about the company.

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Sector: Strategy & Consultancy

Jobseekers don’t just want a job that fits, they also want a company that’s right for them. This means providing information on aspects like what you do and how many clients you have could be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

But that’s not all Gartner does. They also include a vast list of perks to entice jobseekers – including everything from their generous rewards system and their promotion of lifelong learning, to comprehensive health and retirement plans.

Additionally, they feature quotes, photos, and videos from real employees citing why they think it’s a great place to work (along with high Glassdoor and ‘top place to work’ rankings) – which reinforce their reputation for excellent working practices.

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Sector: Motoring & Automotive

With an informative video featuring everything the motoring brand does, along with a comprehensive rundown of who they are, the opportunities they offer, what employees get, and who they’ll work with, RAC’s company profile covers all bases.

This not only lets candidates know they’d be working for a good cause, it also shows they’d be valued as an RAC employee.

They encourage candidates to apply by placing precedence on not only their commitment to training and progression, but also the community feel of their business, the motorists they help, and the people they employ.

View RAC’s company profile


SilverDoor Apartments

Sector: Hospitality & Catering

SilverDoor Apartments also utilise their company profile to bring the best candidates to their vacancies.

Focusing on their personal approach, SilverDoor Apartments mention a range of perks, including everything from free fruit and summer parties, to private healthcare and charity events. This is the perfect way to demonstrate their company culture, and help attract candidates that are looking for this kind of employer and working environment.  

And with photos of their employees and links to their social media sites, they ensure prospective employees are getting the full picture.

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