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We’re dedicated to helping you overcome your recruitment challenges and find the best candidates; and we want to prove it – with a brand new Customer Success Hub. 

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What are customer success stories?

Customer success stories are real-life testimonials given by customers.

Covering a range of business’ thoughts and opinions on the services we offer, customer success stories are based around how is fulfilling their recruitment needs.


Why have we introduced customer success stories?

We want you to have all the facts on how can help your business succeed – but we don’t want you to just take our word for it.

With customer success stories, you’ll be able to understand the value of our products and services through genuine and honest feedback.

So how can help you hire more effectively? Find out below.


What are our customers saying?



Their recruitment challenges: Following a strong period of expansion, Ticketmaster have a diverse range of career paths to fill. This means that having access to a varied base of candidates is absolutely essential if they want to find the best fit for their roles.

How have helped? With the introduction of new products and ideas from Ticketmaster’s dedicated Account Manager, they were able to work in innovative ways and promote their employer brand more dynamically.



Their recruitment challenges: Hertz recruit for 150 new roles every year (from Duty Managers and Supervisors to Customer Service Representatives), which can be a challenging task in such a competitive market.  

How have helped? Hertz’s Account Manager is always looking for new ways to boost their recruitment; both by introducing them to’s most recent technical developments, and explaining how this technology can be used to find the best candidates. Hertz are particularly pleased with the level of success they’ve gained by using the Recruiter App, predominantly because it allows them to recruit on-the-go.



Their recruitment challenges: Carluccio’s open 10 new stores every year, meaning they’re always on the lookout for top talent nationwide. As they find hiring in hospitality particularly tough, Carluccio’s are constantly looking for new ways to recruit.

How have helped? Carluccio’s benefit from a great working relationship with their expert Account Manager – who is always ready to help. Having introduced them to a wide range of helpful tools (e.g. job centre scraping, SMS campaign), Carluccio’s have not only streamlined their recruitment process – they’ve also received fantastic responses from suitable candidates.


City and County

Their recruitment challenges: City and County require a large quantity of candidates from a variety of backgrounds, which can be demanding to fulfil.

How have helped? The size of’s database has proved a valuable asset to City and County – enabling them to achieve 10,000 applications a year. This makes the highest converting job site they’ve used. City and County have also benefited from an excellent working relationship with their Account Manager, who has developed innovative solutions to help overcome their challenges.

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