Company profiles: What you need to know

With company profiles, representing your brand has never been easier…

We’re always working on making your hiring experience more effective. And to make your search for the perfect match that little bit easier, we’ve come up with a comprehensive tool that makes selling your brand easy.

Here’s everything you need to know about building your own company profile on

What is a company profile?

A way to build your employer brand.

With your own individual company profile on, you’ll be able to tell candidates what your business does, what vacancies you have, and why they should work for you.

Aside from allowing you to share your company perks, benefits, and overall mission statement – you’ll also be able to include videos and pictures of your workplace.

Location, sector, and business size can be specified within your company profile too.  

What is it for?

Creating your own company profile is a great way to sell your business to candidates.

By making what you’re about clear, you’ll be more likely to attract those who are best suited to your company culture and ethos.

And, with the ‘what you’ll get’ section – you’ll be able to explain exactly what you have to offer – whether it’s flexible working hours or employees getting a day off on their birthday.

What are the benefits of creating a company profile?

Here a few of the key benefits of building your company profile:

  • You can promote the benefits of working for your company
  • You can link to your company profile from your company website, which is especially helpful if you don’t have a dedicated job page
  • You can create and update your profile whenever you like – you’re in charge
  • You’ll gain more jobseeker traffic across all devices via our mobile-optimised profiles
  • Conversions are 7% higher when a candidate looks at a company profile
  • You can add links to your social media channels and company website

Who is it for?

Any business is free to use company profiles – as long as they have vacancies posted on the site.  

It’s particularly beneficial if you have more than one vacancy, as your company profile provides one place for them all to be featured.


Top tips for creating a company profile

    • Be positive. A company profile is a great way to sell yourself. Use it to not only give jobseekers an idea of your brand values and working environment, but also to shout about the benefits of working for you. That way, you’ll be guaranteed to attract the candidates who are most in line with your culture and ethos.
    • Refresh it regularly. To ensure jobseekers are getting an accurate representation of your business and its ongoing achievements, it’s important to keep your company profile accurate and up-to-date – including details any new developments as and when they happen.
    • Use mixed media. Your company profile isn’t just the perfect place to write about your business, it’s also an ideal platform for photos and videos – whether they’re used to showcase your organisation’s latest developments (e.g. via a newsletter), or provide a sneak peek of your offices.


How can I build a company profile?

  • Sign in to your recruiter account  
  • Click the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of the page
  • Select ‘company profile’
  • Input your company information
  • Click the ‘save and preview’ button to view before publishing
  • Click ‘publish’ to upload your company profile to


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