Welcome to REED’s “Pocket Recruiter”

This morning, the 21st June and the longest day of the year, we launched reed.co.uk’s mobile app for recruiters

This latest step in our online adventure is a very important one in our mission to “mobilise” REED and towards achieving our overriding goal which is to deliver “the best digital recruitment service anywhere.”

The launch event, which was held at the Montcalm hotel in “Tech City,” Old Street, London was very well attended by recruiters and technologists.  I told the audience that in my view our new “Pocket Recruiter” represented the future of recruitment.  Why?  Because it is so simple, fast and effective to use and it enables the user to recruit anytime, anywhere.

When so many recruiters are competing to find the right talent in a tight market reed.co.uk’s mobile app for recruiters gives its users the competitive edge, it helps them to get to those candidates first.

And for me personally, this mobilization project is the most exciting thing we have done at Reed Online since we first became involved with the Internet as an early adopter back in 1995.  The potential is enormous and add to this the developments in technology currently underway in AI and robotics and transformational service improvements are now much more than some futuristic possibility.

REED’s new “Pocket Recruiter” enables four important functions for its recruitment users.  It is now possible to:

  1. Post jobs
  2. View applications
  3. Search CVs
  4. Contact candidates

It is easy to perform all of these functions from within the Reed recruiter app on your mobile phone, to quite literally recruit from your pocket.  The feedback from early adopters had been universally positive.

“It’s a revolution – the app has revolutionized the way I work and put me ahead of the competition”


“It’s easy to use –  view CVs, contact candidates, and see application responses, definitely recommend.”


And my personal favourite:

 “Down side, it’s a bit addictive, so you do more work at home! It’s very easy to use, seems to have more relevant candidates.  Highly recommend.”


Welcome to the future of recruitment… REED’s “Pocket Recruiter.”

Give it a try.  If you install the app today you will also receive a free job ad.


Search for “Reed Recruiter” and download now!