Making a Difference

Last weekend I went back to Harvard Business School for my 25th Reunion. It was great to be reunited with old friends from all over the world and it was also a remarkable learning experience. I packed in as many classes as I could on subjects that ranged from leadership and how to measure your life to disruptive innovation, the future of the Internet and transformational technologies. The most incredible thing that I learnt whilst I was there is that some genius has actually created a robot that can construct itself from the ground up using the principles of origami. You heard it here first!

I was also really honoured to be included in the Harvard Business School’s Making a Difference campaign, which celebrates the ways in which alumni are making an impact around the world. I described some of Reed in Partnership’s successes in helping people who have been long-term unemployed find work. In particular I told the story of the time when a chap came into our office in Hackney, East London and told us he had nothing presentable to wear to an interview that afternoon. One of our team, to his eternal credit, responded by taking off his own suit and giving it to him!

This is certainly positive exposure for the work that Reed in Partnership does, and for the REED brand as a whole. I encourage you to take a look, and to share it with your networks.

From Boston I travelled to Malta for our quarterly board meetings and I spent most of the week there. We have a great team in Malta and it is very pleasing to see our new recruitment operation there going from strength to strength under the leadership of Claudia Jordan. I was also able to spend some time with Sean Agius and his insurance team who do a great job providing the service that underpins the REED Rewards insurance cover. I was reminded that the weekly cost of the cover is less than the cost of a cappuccino from Costa Coffee and I was told that over the last year there were 477 claims, all of which were paid out within two weeks. Impressive!

Another thing that I really enjoyed doing this week was downloading and using the brand new app on my iPhone. It is an excellent “on the go job hunting tool” and the reviews so far have been very positive. This app was difficult to build and it took true dedication to get the job done but the end result in my view is the best job search app out there. The Tinder users amongst you will find its functionality familiar but regardless it’s very easy to use, so download it, take a look and spread the word…

Best wishes,