Giving Tuesday and it’s ‘High Noon’ for the Big Give

Today is Giving Tuesday.  And at midday the Big Give launched its 10th annual Christmas Challenge fundraising campaign. The Big Give (charity no: 1136547) was set up by Sir Alec Reed, the founder of REED.  The Big Give runs a number of match funding campaigns where philanthropists, companies and foundations offer to double public donations made to selected charities on website. Since 2008, this unique combination of philanthropic capital, public goodwill and innovative charitable organisations, all brought together using technology built by the Big Give, has raised close to £100 million for some 3,000 charitable projects.

This year the Big Give is aiming to raise over £12 million for 589 charities in the week commencing from noon today, Tuesday 27th November and concluding at noon on Tuesday 4th December.  You may have an organisation that is close to your heart and that you are committed to supporting or you may simply be interested in an area of charitable work such as health, children or the environment.  Either way, all the projects are summarised in a clear and accessible way. And it’s worth stressing that the great thing about donating through the Big Give is that your donation will be doubled. One donation, twice the impact.

This year, in addition to my continuing support for the Big Give itself, I have decided to support three of the featured charities:

  • The Connection at St Martin in the Fields, London, who work with homeless migrants who have limited access to support services and are vulnerable to exploitation.  They are raising funds to employ a Migrant Coordinator who will provide specialist migrant support and prevent devastating limbo-like situations such as those that affected the Windrush generation.
  • Friends of the Earth, who are helping schools to educate future generations on the health risks of air pollution and are calling for policy change to improve air quality in the UK.
  • Carney’s Community, who work intensively with young people who are involved with or at risk of being involved with crime.  Through positive activity, sport and mentoring they aim to turn young people away from crime and offending and into upstanding members of their community.

These are just three of the 589 amazing organisations that will be raising money for a whole range of really important projects this week.  When you visit you can easily search for the ones that most interest and appeal to you.

So do please join our campaign.  You can do so by spreading the word and/or by making a donation at

The Big Give makes giving easy.  And yes, your donation will be doubled.  

One donation, twice the impact.